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Ready-to-use backend in minutes

Startup Kit is a Backend as a Service (BaaS) platform that allows developers to set up the backend of their applications in a few clicks. Launch your product faster and reduce costs with ready-to-us cloud infrastructure and a suite of backend services.

Launch faster and save costs

You don’t need to develop and setup backend for your product from scratch. Startup Kit covers most of the elements of your system saving months of development time and significant costs.

Secure and ready to scale

Startup Kit follows strict security standards to protect user data and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the services. Furthermore, Startup Kit solution allows building powerful and scalable applications right from the start.

Extend Startup Kit with custom services

With Startup Kit, you can add any additional functionality you may need. Whatever programming language you use for your custom services, integrate them with Startup Kit via an API.

This is how it works

Startup Kit provides you the possibility to create a ready-to-use backend that exposes a Rest API that you can connect with any application


Mobile / Web

StartupKit as a Backend

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Startup Kit services

Startup Kit provides a pre-built backend infrastructure and a suite of fundamental services that cover up to 80% of startup backend needs so that product teams can focus on building the frontend and business logic of the application

Token(Security) service

User service

Notification service

Coming soon

Storage service

Payment service (Stripe)

Chat service

Blog service

Support service

Startup Kit team continuously adds new services to save development time and costs for product teams! Do you want to know what's coming up next?


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